There is nothing truer in

this world than the love of a pet.

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Needlepoint Dog Collars

Finely crafted with top cowhide leather and imported woven fabric. Tested on the most energetic dogs in the toughest of elements. Collars built to last and designed to impress – without ever compromising quality.

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The Kenyan Collection

These one-of-a-kind beaded dog collars and leashes reflect the uniqueness of our pets while providing income opportunities for the Maasai Mamas who create these exquisite works of art in the bush of Kenya.

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CBD & Hemp

CBD and Hemp can help pets with behavioral and medical issues, including pain, anxieties, arthritis, seizures, neurological and digestive disorders, past traumas, irritable moods, recovering from surgery and cohabitating with other animals more positively.  

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Blue Buffalo

Blue Buffalo has worked with a leading holistic veterinarian and animal nutritionist to develop BLUE Life Protection Formula for dogs and cats, now the #1-selling natural pet food in America. Created to address the needs of pet parents just like us. 

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