All-Natural Dog Shampoo For A Beautiful Coat 16 oz


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SKU: 641-608011888237 Romekin USA Corp

Nothing more beautiful than your dog's coat is abundant and bright. That is only accomplished with care and dedication.Green Coat Shampoo Beautiful Coathas an antioxidant and moisturizing effect on the hair thanks to its high content of fatty acids omega3 proteins essential amino acids and a variety of vitamins A B iron and zinc which in combination with oat protein aloe vera and bergamot essential oil contain essential nutrients for the health of the scalp and hair. Dogs seem to pick up dirt everywhere which is why a good bath with a good dog shampoo is a must for dog owners. Our incredible shampoo for a beautiful coat nourishes and conditions your dog's coat beautifully! Canine hair is not unlike human hair and responds best when natural products are used on it.