Curicyn Equine Triage Kit, 36 pc.


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SKU: 8-812509032655 Curicyn

Portable and easy to use equine first aid kit to keep in your vehicle trailer or with your saddle. Curicyn Equine Triage Kit is perfect for minor accidents or unexpected emergencies. Contents: Case with Organized Dividers 3-oz Curicyn “Original Formula” Spritzer 3-oz Curicyn “Original Formula” Yorker Hoof Care Single Application Kit 1-oz Curicyn Wound Care Clay 3-oz Blood Stop Powder Yorker (2) PBT Bandage (4) 3×3 Gauze (4) 2×2 Gauze (4) 6” Cotton Applicators (2) Gloves (2) Glow Sticks Cold Compress Medical Scissors Hoof Pick Thermometer Vet Wrap 2-oz Pack Electrolytes Emergency Lead Line/Rein Triangle Bandage Tweezers Manual Carry Bag (External Case)