Rope Leash Sunrise-5ft


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SKU: 364-850026606027 Petponia

The connection between people and their dogs is the stuff of legend. You are their parent and they love to be loyal to you. They make you feel great while you shower them with treats. Now you can grow closer and more stylish with the exuberant and vibrant colors of the 100% cotton handmade leashes that truly let the bond manifest itself as a representation of your strong and unbreakable burst of color. We know that dogs can get excited and pull you along and we get it. Why should you be the one who takes them for a walk when they can take a turn in taking you for one? But don’t let a broken or damaged leash spoil your fun. The colorful rope leash from Petponia is made from hand-spliced rope with whipped ends for added strength and durability. Its rope type is traditionally used as a marine rope so it is designed to pull without fraying and withstand the pull of extreme weight. The rope leash is hand-dyed with natural dyes so it is very eco-friendly. Choose solid or multicolor leashes we have many varieties. All leashes are 5ft. long.