Prevue Pet Kitty Power Paws Multi-Tier Cat Scratching Post

Prevue Pet Products SKU: PP-7150

  • 37" tall to allow cats to get a full stretch while exercising paws and grooming nails
  • Durable jute wrapped posts encourage scratching
  • Padded platform levels and dangling tassels give cats a variety of jumping, resting, pouncing and active playtime opportunities
  • Attractive finishes to complement your home décor
Prevue Pet Kitty Power Paws Multi-Tier Cat Scratching Post provides a dedicated place for scratching and stretching, alleviating destructive behavior to household objects. At 37" tall the durable jute wrapped post ensures your cat gets a full vertical stretch and healthy exercise while keeping nails groomed and paws strong. Padded platform levels give cats additional opportunities for jumping, pouncing and lounging while a sturdy rope and feather tipped tassels engage your cats in play. Great for multiple cat homes! our kitty power paws multi-platform posts with tassels 7150 assembles easily and will last for years to come. Sturdy circular base is 21 1/2" in diameter, posts measures 3 7/8" in diameter, top platform measures 17 ᄑ" in diameter with a total height of 37".


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