beyondGREEN Post-Consumer Recycled Dog Bag Holder

beyondGREEN biotech, Inc. SKU: 42-19962998096

Our beyondGREEN leash dispenser similar to our bags is also made in USA at our own manufacturing facility in sunny Southern California. It even comes with 15 of beyondGREEN plant-based dog poop bags. This dispenser was created to fit the standard dog poop bag roll of 10 to 15 bags at 9"x12" dimensions per bag. beyondGREEN is Green America Certified Business and with that we always ensure that the earth is first! That being said we made sure that this dispenser is made from recycled plastics and the bags included within are made from biopolymers certified by the highest American and European standards! Like all of our products this dispenser and the bags that come along with it are completely chemical-free this includes the ink we use to print on our bags. That ink is completely water-based! Please dispose responsibly.


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